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Robert Moyer is the Point of Contact. He has been in reenacting since well we just cant say… He handles any outside contact. He maintains regular contact with all members. The POC is also act as the company treasurer.
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Brent Dacus is the Adjutant. Brent has been in reenacting 5 years. Wishes he had been in reenacting his entire life. The Adjutant is responsible for maintaining the active membership roster, the company website, keeping up with officer and NCO lists, keeping up with member attendance at events, and event registration.
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Alex Burcham is the Quarter Master. Alex has been in reenacting since 1998. Alex is our Chief Tailor and Leather maker. He is a natural at QM. He is responsible for maintaining lists of all extra clothing or equipment that is available, and the members willing to loan out said clothing and equipment if needed.
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